SAB 15

Double Screw Filling & Packaging Machine for Food & Chemical Powders, Model:  SAB 15

Pouch Specifications:

  • Pouch dimensions:
    • Width: 65-90  mm.
    • Length: 80-220 mm.


  • Pouch shape: 4-side seal pouch, or 3-side seal pouch.  

Production speed:
Machine productivity is: 90-140 packages per minute approx, depending
Filling System:

  • Automatic pouch shaping system.
  • Double screw filling system, with servo control (two conical tanks, each of which ends with a filling nozzle).
  • Possibility to make double (twin) pouches with easy separation.
  • Automatic film unwind system.
  • Mechanical cutting set.
  • Film reel auto-alignment system.


  • All pneumatic valves on the machine are by Festo AG & Co. KG (Germany), with 18 months, around the globe guarantee. all over the world.
  • Color photocell to control pouch length by Sick, Germany, with 12 months guarantee all over the world.
  • Full PLC control.
  • LCD touch-control operation system, by Siemens, Germany, with 12 months guarantee all over the world.

Usable Packaging film:
Usable Packaging film: All standard heat sealable films except for pure polyethylene.

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