SAB 14 A

Powder Filling Machine by screw systems in plastic or glass containers.

Manufactured by SAB FPM filling and packaging machines., in cooperation with Schneider Electric France, and Festo, Germany.

Machine Overview:

  • The machine was designed after thorough studies made by a team of technical specialists to ensure all the measures required for the safety and protection of operation and personnel.
  • Machine design facilitates maintenance and service. Operation does not need special know-how.  
  • Machine undergoes actual quality tests on buyer's products before delivery.
  • Clients' feedbacks were taken into consideration so the machine became highly versatile in meeting clients' requirements and enjoy higher quality and performance.
  • All machine parts are fabricated on programmable CNC machining centers, and undergoes quality control tests which gives them high reliability.      

Machine specifications:

  • Product is fed to machine via a stainless steel screw feeder which  is designed according to product type and filling quantity.
  • Electronic control of filling volume.
  • Two filling heads.
  • Pneumatic arrangement to ensure that the entrance of the filling nozzle inside containers.
  • Screw is fed from a tank with the following specifications:
    • Made of 304 stainless steel.
    • With a special arrangement that moves product to ensure uniform feed.
    • 50-liter capacity.
    • Geared motor by Schneider Electric France.
    • With adjustable feet which allows the height adjustment of the filling heads. 
  • Filling size range:  100 g to 1000 g. 
  • Filling accuracy depends on the type and density of the product. 
  • Conveyor with the following specifications:
    • Made of 304 stainless steel.
    • Motion speed control via a variable speed motor from Schneider Electric, France.
    • Guides to ensure the stability of containers during movement.
    • Sensors to ensure the stop of containers right underneath the filling head and at closing station. 
  • All pneumatic valves are from FESTO, Germany
  • Central control panel.
  • All electric components are from Schneider Electric, France.


Machine production capacity:

Machine productivity is: 15  containers per minute.  


Advanced Industrial  PLC  which controls all machine functions, including filling, packaging, by Schneider Electric SA (France).