Hot Foil Coding Machine

Designed for hot stamping of texts, price, pro. /exp. dates, bar codes, ‎‎and logos.‎

  • Printing by hot stamping.‎
  • Can be installed on all kinds of industrial machines.‎
  • High resolution, high quality print which adheres immediately.‎
  • Easily exchangeable text on text holder. ‎
  • Electronic timer.‎
  • Electronic temperature adjustment.‎
  • Possibility of choosing multiple language figures (Latin, Arabic).‎
  • Hot-foil is available in variety of colors. ‎
  • Hot foil change time: 15 second.‎
  • Hot foil length: 183 meters, or 305 meters.‎
  • End of hot-foil/cut alarm.‎
  • Maximum print area: 20x40 mm (other sizes available upon request)‎.
  • ‎Print speed: 300 prints per minute.‎
  • Temperature adjustment range: 80~160 C.‎
  • Electrical requirement: 220 VAC, 50 HZ.
Category: Printers
Application: Grains and legumes